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Is the night light safe? What night light is best? Night light selection guide to help you find the right healthy night light!
Time: 2023-02-24

What is a night light?

Night lights refer to lights that are turned on at night. Its purpose is to illuminate the room with soft light, so that the room will not be too bright to hinder sleep, and it will not be too dark to cause safety problems at night. Although night lights are part of the home lighting design and play a very important role in our night work, as everyone’s safety awareness increases, there are divergent opinions on whether night lights should be used. One of the negative effects that many people consider is that turning on the lights to sleep at night will cause our sleep quality to deteriorate. Prolonged exposure to light during sleep can make it difficult for your brain to enter deeper sleep. Due to poor sleep quality, it is easy to cause depression and irritability and increase the risk of depression.

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