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Is pendant lighting out of style?how to pick pendant lighting?
Time: 2023-02-24

Is pendant lighting out of style?

Many people are asking: Will the pendant become obsolete? In my opinion, the answer is undoubtedly negative.

Why is the pendant lighting not obsolete?

Although certain styles, shapes and designs will be outdated, the innovation of pendant lighting is not limited to this. The pendant lighting has existed for hundreds of years, because the it has the pendant lighting of hanging and taking into account the lighting and decoration, which is very suitable for the lighting design needs of certain spaces. So I believe that the pendant lighting will not be outdated.

what's pendant  lighting?

A pendant lighting is a lighting fixture that is hung on the ceiling. It consists of a hanging wire and a lamp holder. The lamp holder is usually equipped with a lampshade or a bare bulb, and is generally suspended by a chain, cable or metal rod. Due to the diverse styles of pendant lighting, including chandeliers, crystal pendant lighting, candlestick pendant lighting, Chinese pendant lighting, etc., pendant lighting provide a large selection space and are suitable for many indoor areas. Because of the variety of pendant lighting and their own decorativeness, they are favored by many people.

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